Saturday, 19 January 2008

So I finally did IT!

I did it! I joined the gym! Here is the PROOF...

I have a key tag and I'm gonna use it! My first class was A.B.T. which apparently stands for Abs, Bum and Thighs... I seriously think it REALLY stands for A BRUTAL TORTURE! To top it off I got my ambitions confused with my ability and followed up with a 40 minute Power Circuit class and subsequently today I cannot walk! Moderation is the key... today I will walk... slowly... in the pool.

Well the first month of 2008 is flying by and despite feeling like I haven't really been doing anything our days have been full. We have been to see a couple of movies and gone to the indoor play centre. We've been to the park and we've been shopping. Anything I can think of to keep these kids from driving me up the wall!!! LOL I shouldn't complain I suppose, really they have all been very well behaved but I definitely have a renewed respect for my mother who had five kids... a hero she is... or perhaps derranged! She did a great job though, I mean look how great I turned out! hehehe

Callie has learned to ride her bike without training wheels, pretty much all by herself, and her 2 bottom front teeth have fallen out. The tooth fairy hasn't been yet, I'd better tell her to get her act together!

We have also put up a new Hills Playing Mantis climbing gym for the kids...

That is not my backyard and those are NOT my kids btw... though I have had 10 kids here on and off over the past couple of weeks! Just call me The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe!

We had the guys here installing the aircon yesterday but there seems to be some dramas with the wiring of it and it isn't working yet... they promise Monday... Mmmmm... we'll see. I spent all afternoon and most of the evening cleaning up the god awful mess they left... there is gyprock dust EVERYWHERE from where they cut the holes for the vents in the ceiling and that stuff sticks! It is really hard to get off... I am so over vaccuuming!

My BIL is going really well with his treatment, feeling a bit off colour but the medical staff said that was to be expected. They are keeping themselves in self imposed isolation atm to try as hard as they can to keep him from catching any bugs while his immunity is down. At this stage he hasn't had any complications so keep your fingers crossed for us. If he can get through the next week without getting any infections we will all be really happy.

We are half way through swimming lessons for Callie and Dylan is also loving the trips to the pool every morning. I am loving the fact that she is exhausted and falling asleep on the way home each day and having a proper sleep again... woo hoo!

She did the big move to a big bed last week... no dramas what-so-ever... in fact I think she is sleeping better than ever which is great. However, I did the big clean up of all her baby clothes and furniture at the same time... deciding that I need to have a huge garage sale to get rid of some of the stuff... then it hit me... I found the little outfit she came home from hospital in and it dawned on me... NO MORE BABIES.

Not that I want anymore children or anything like that (Old Woman... Shoe... not my preferred living arrangement I can tell you! LOL)... but it just sort of got me thinking about never having anymore babies and that made me a bit sad... but excited at the same time about entering this new stage of my and their lives.

I don't have any LOs to share because all I have had time for is DT stuff... but I will next post. Promise! Hope you are all having a great 2008... take care.


Julie said...

Hiya AM - is good to catch up with you. Great to read that your BIL is doing well and hoping that he continues to do so!!
Goodluck with the gym - sounds like your first visit was a total workout - lol at getting the ambitions and ability areas confused.
chat soon

Julie H xx

Tammy said...

You are my hero two session at the gym in one day! OMG I think I would have passed out after the ABT workout.
Hope you slow down for your next visit.

Anonymous said...

Hello AM... the first few weeks of Gym are a killer but the muscles do recover some what after about a month...keep at it sweet xx I think all mothers are hero's in my eyes...mine sure was with 12 of us to cope with xxx and I've had to recreate another blog the other crashed so you might need to make changes in your side bar xx
stay happy scrapping xxx