Sunday, 14 December 2008

I am so glad THAT cat is out of the bag!

Hooley Dooley!!! I am so excited to have been picked and I must say I AM feeling rather pleased with myself too! Modest much? Never!!!! ;) hehehehe I am sooo hopeless at secrets... never been one for keeping my trap shut (in case you hadn't noticed!)... so I didn't tell ANYONE. Funny thing was that on Friday DH and I were just having the big "we really have to stop spending money" talk when there was a knock on the door. The parcel post man had arrived with all these wonderful parcels for me. DH gave me "the look" so I had to tell him, "No, no I haven't been spending money these are because I got picked in the Top 10 for Masters". I am still not sure he completely believes me! LOL So I can't wait to get my mag in the mail to prove it to him! ;) Thanks so much everyone for your lovely words of congratulations and support. I have finally stopped spewing which is good... but jeez... I am already feeling soooooooooooooo HUGE and finding it quite a task to get around already... and we are only half way! I will try to get some fat belly shots soon, before I need a new wide angle lens... mmmmm now there's an idea... any excuse to get that new camera I say! My niece reckons I look like I just have a basketball stuffed up my shirt... charming child! ;) Anyway... thanks so much to everyone for visiting here. I really do appreciate all your lovely words. I will try to pop in around the traps more than I have been.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Where I have I been for past 2 months you ask?

Well, I have been... lying in bed... head in a bucket... vomiting like there is no tomorrow. Oh the joy of pregnancy! Yes, 'tis true... I am knocked up, up the duff, carrying a belly full of arms and legs... but wait... just like a good Demtel ad "there's more"... oh yeah, we don't muck around... when we do things we go the whole hog... YEP! The rumours are true... it's twins!!!!!! Holy Mother of Mercy, what in God's name am I going to do with 5 kids????!!!!!! I still haven't got my head around the whole being pregnant thing yet, let alone there being TWO of the little monsters in there!!! ;) Let's just say it was a "surprise" not an accident! Not exactly planned but we obviously weren't trying hard enough NOT to if you get my drift! LOL ;) I am blaming him... he still maintains I must have "disheveled" him in his sleep because he has NO IDEA how it happened... my Mum says, "If you haven't worked that out by now you are in big trouble!" (Says she, who has 5 kids of her own!!! LOL). Seriously though... oh my freaking gawd father!!!!! I was just getting over the whole shall we or sharn't we have any more babies cluckiness and was really starting to get excited about the prospect of sending "the baby" off to kindy next year and possibly going back to work / study. Oh well... we'll see what happens I am not getting too carried away with it all just yet... I know these things don't always turn out how you'd like them to... so sort of cautiously happy at this stage. Besides it is hard to feel excited when I am still feeling so disgusting!!! I have been into hospital twice because I just get so dehydrated and can't even keep water down. I am home now though and have managed to not spew this morning... yet... it is 11:19am... hopefully I am not jinxing myself! Sorry I haven't been on here for so long... I haven't been capable of much of anything lately much less actually being sociable. Thankfully DH was able to take a few weeks off work to look after me and the three little darlings... and fingers crossed I am over the worst of it now. Love to you and yours... hope you are having a great day... with NO spewing! ;)

Thursday, 4 September 2008

oh and don't forget...

Scrap the Girls... the lovely other Mel asked me to do the challenge for STG... I hope you will play along. Hey chickies, I am so stoked to be taking part in the STG Blog challenge for September and I hope you will all play along.

My favourite thing at the moment is using HEAPS of different textures, materials and mediums all thrown together on a LO. I am definitely a MORE is BETTER girl!!! ;) I also really like to use embellishments that add to the story I am trying to convey or hold some significant / symbolic meaning on the LO.

So... my challenge is: get a little bit of everything onto your next LO.

Include at least one example of each (and every one) of the following elements: plastic; metal; chippie; cardstock; patterned paper; stickers; journaling spots / cards / stamps / stickers; felt / fabric; string; lace; ink; paint; sanding; distressing; tearing; tape; staples; bling; buttons and brads! That's a lot of elements to include I know but it's easier than you might first imagine.

I know my "sunshine" sample here is of my littlest darling... but given that September is for Father's Day... I would love to see some LOs of YOUR Little Princess with her Daddy or Poppy or Uncle or even her Big Brother... just call it an optional EXTRA requirement.

Just in case you were wondering, for the background of my "sunshine" I have used core-dinations cardstock... folded into thirds and put through my Cuttlebug in an embossing folder (Floral Fantasy) one end at a time, then heavily sanded and distressed it. I thought I was rather clever working out how to do this and I love the end result. I wasn't a huge fan of the core-dinations cs before... but now I am HOOKED! ;) I also popped some acetate in the same Cuttlebug folder and then hand cut out the leaves I wanted. Then I put a precut cb flower through in the same folder, being sure it was positioned in just the right place to get the image I wanted. Finally, I also put the actual photo itself through (on a bit of angle) and sanded and inked it as well.

Have fun... hope you enjoy this challenge as much as I enjoyed setting it!

WOW! What a week{end}!

OK so just a quickie with some too exciting news! Friday night we went out for dinner with a great bunch of friends and had a great night. PIL had the girls for the night. Then Saturday we went out to their house as it was MIL's birthday... had another lovely night BUT looks like I am just not cut out for two late nights and I ended up rather ill. I didn't really have all that much to drink (though I have always said I am a cheap date and two drinks is more than enough for me!) so I think I must have picked up a bit of a stomach bug... which DH seems to be suffering from now. :( So anyway, Sunday I was a bit of a wipe out... BUT I WON Embellished IDOL 2008! Mel & Co. (I wish I could remember who else Mel said was there... sorry chickies!) rang to scream a LOUD congratulations down the phone :) so that cheered me up and made me feel heaps better! Thanks and a big MWAH to all you wonderful chickies... and thanks to absolutely everyone who was involved in IDOL this year. I reckon the work was OUTSTANDING this year, so to have won amongst this amazing bunch of chickies was just too awesome... ok, ok... I promise not to let my head grow TOO big! LOL ;) Thanks everyone for your votes, your comments and your support and a HUGE, heartfelt thanks to Ali and the *e* girls for running such a great competition again this year. OH and HUGE thanks too to the sponsors... Hey, I ain't too proud to admit those prizes are going to be welcome at my house! LOL ;) NOW... this morning I get DD off to school and get home to the phone ringing... OMFREAKIN'GAWDFATHER!!!! Cass Bellemore is ringing ME! Yes! ME!!!!!!! I made the TOP 50 Masters LIST!!!! I have to say it is shaping up to be some very tough competition... and I am so pleased to see Mel Connell's name is on it too!!!! Actually the whole list is looking rather FINE I reckon... yep, I shall keep my SM subscription this year! LOL ;) I guess now the REAL waiting begins! HOW EXCITEMENT!!!!!! ;) OK... I have to go to the post office now! hehehehhe ;) Lots of love to you and yours...

Friday, 29 August 2008

Clair Bremner... you have been JACKED!

Just a quick one to post my Clair Bremner Jack for Aussie Scrapjacked. I totally loved this LO so I have well and truly JACKED it, right down to the rubons! ;) It's not the greatest pic though because my stupid scanner keeps cropping it and I can't seem to get it to behave! :( It's too late to photograph it now though... so this will have to do. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for everyone's lovely comments. Hope you and yours are happy and safe.

Thursday, 28 August 2008


ummmmm... I am DONE! Nervous much? ahhhh... HELL YEAH! LOL ;) Well, I really love what I have ended up with no matter the outcome. I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw the challenge. HUGE COINCIDENCE and something I have been meaning to scrap for ages... just wasn't sure exactly how to go about it until Maz gave me a shot of inspiration with her challenge. It's all very deep, dark and meaningful so I hope you sort of get it. Needless to say, I'd rather Jewel than all the jewels in the world! ;) Thanks to everyone who has been a part of IDOL 2008. Thanks to the contestants (the work has been so great all the way through) and those who have stopped by to give support and encouragement. Thanks to everyone who has voted and who will hopefully vote for me again ;) LOL... Thanks to Ali and the Embellished girls for running such a great, inspiring and challenging competition. Good luck to Lisa and Michou. You can see all the entries here. Now, please, pretty please go vote for me! ;) Happy day to you and yours.


See this building? Guess what... I am so excited!!! The gorgeous ladies @ Tomorrow's Memories asked me, YES ME, to be a member of their DT!!!! Hooley Dooley! Thanks so much Jo and Vicki ( and Clori, I look forward to meeting you in person) for the wonderful opportunity... and thanks Tracey and Sonya for helping to make me feel welcome... what a great fun bunch of chicks... can't wait to roll up my sleeves and get started. I have ALMOST finished my FINAL IDOL LO... well, I think it is the final... but who knows... that Ali chick can be a sneaky one! ;) I just have to make a final decision on the photos I want to use and viola! I see no one has been brave and posted theirs up as yet... so I will see if I can be quick and be first! LOL ;) Thanks so much everyone who has been following this awesome comp... it is one that always manages to nurture creativity with it's challenges and I love what I have created along the way. I strongly recommend that you give it a go next year... it's lots of fun and friendly camaraderie always motivates and inspires great things... well, in my opinion anyway! ;) Thanks for stopping by... I'll be back later today with my LO. ;)

Sunday, 24 August 2008

... and MORE LOs to share

I have come to the conclusion that making a list of challenges I want to complete every month is the way to get my a into g and get these suckers scrapped!!!!  I have so many photos it is just ridiculous so old ones rarely get a look in... but this week Event #2 for the Scrapbooking Olympics  @ CD Doodles required bright colours so I am really happy that I found these at the bottom of the box!  I was trying to make a ferris wheel but it looked pretty crap... so it turned into yet another tree!  I like trees... can ya tell? LOL ;)
This one is for Category Stories... the theme was SUNSHINE.  I really love these photos... my Darling D can be such a delight... but boy can she be a right royal PITA when she wants to be!  Love you much baby girl.  
I am really loving playing with different sizes at the moment and I love how they look all in the same album together.
We have been having the most beautiful weather here the past few days... very cold (for us anyway) but perfect, clear blue skies and sunshine.  I LOVE this time of year.  Touch wood we don't catch any more coughs and colds this year... we have had a couple of minor ones and a case of gastro for two of the kids and I have a bit of a head cold atm... but nothing like the horrendous run we had last year.
I did have some exciting news to share... but turns out I can't do it... the gorgeous Miss Lusi (love to you and yours chickie, hope you are all better soon) asked me to join in one of her Top 10 features for SC which I was totally stoked about.  Unfortunately, because of the exclusivity clause in the SM Masters 2008 Rules I can't participate.  The SC issue wouldn't have been published until later next year and despite the work being commissioned before the Masters are named the fact that it wouldn't be published until after would put me out of the running.
I am not going all scrap diva, up myself or conceited... and not that I think in a million years will I win a spot as one of the Masters... but I did put a lot of effort into my Masters entry... so I am not about to put myself out of the running before I even start IYGWIM?  I still sorta think it's a bit sucky [insert kicking and screaming AM here ;)] but "thems tha rules"... and if you don't like it I guess you shouldn't be in the kitchen! LOL ;)  
To start with I sort of thought that rule would mean the talent pool was somewhat reduced (and so winning a top spot wouldn't be as big an honour IYGWIM?)  as a lot of really talented chickies wouldn't be able to enter (it's because they ARE so talented that they have gigs with other mags!).   However, I choose to look at it in a more positive light... I guess SM feel there is enough talent out there to choose from and even more importantly it gives new up and coming scrappers a look in, so that's a good thing... JUST HOPE I'M ONE OF THEM! LOL ;) 
Anyway,  I had better go get my kids fed, bathed and put to bed.
Hope you and yours are well and warm and happy.

Friday, 22 August 2008


WOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I won the gold in Event 1 in the Scrapbooking Olympics @ CD Doodles with my blinged out tree adore LO. Thanks so much to Scrappy Days (who also happen to be having a SALE atm) for sponsoring. Luckily for me Scraptacular extended the SYTYCS registration deadline... so I am all signed up for that too. Now, just to wrangle that little blinkie onto my blog and Bob's your uncle (love this saying... we had a Great Uncle Bob in our family)... anyone know a blinkie whisperer? These things always take me ages to work out! I GOT IT!!! >>>>> over there in my side bar... just scroll down a bit. I have been on a buying frenzy the past few days... I so have to STOP... but I just couldn't help myself... just had to have it! They are going to have to stop having CHA twice a year... it is crazy... they are just flooding the market don't you think? We are all going to be drowning in pp and embellies soon! I got everything I wanted on my wish list including Sassafras Lass, Pink Paislee and Cosmo Cricket. I was also about to put a link to October Afternoon (I got the Detours range)... and no sooner had I done the link they updated AGAIN! FOUR more new ranges! OH NO more that I just "have to have"! When will it end?! I have to stop looking! Hope you and your credit card are faring better than I! ;)

Thursday, 21 August 2008

... and then there were eight!

... in the words of the gorgeous Nicolaa who sent me a lovely pack of goodies as a prize from her blog. See anything you recognise chickie? I started this LO BEFORE I got your parcel in the mail... amongst it was that blue flower (top left corner) and the little chippie tile (down to the right of the pink HS "a")... it has "36 candles" on it... what's the chances hey? LOL I had to squeeze it on... too cute and too much of a coincidence not to include it. Also, in that parcel was the green butterfly felt and green "blingy" brad, oh and I used a few of those MM Christmas rubons too. Thanks and a big MWAH to you chickie... hope you left the scrap room packing until last ;) and things are going well.
So here is my IDOL #7 LO... and another episode of shameless begging on my behalf for your vote! ;) You can see all the entries here.
Thanks so so so much to everyone that has been voting for me. I really appreciate the support... and it's always a bit of a boost to know that someone "gets" your scrapping. Thanks to everyone that has been stopping by and saying nice things about me here too. MWAH!
I have so much to get finished before the end of the month... and it's only 10 days away. Where is 2008 disappearing to? Too many inspiring blogs to look at and not enough time in the day! My house looks like a bomb hit it and I should be hanging out washing. But here are a couple I really like the look of...
Jodes you are in your element here chickie... and I reckon it looks like just the place for me too!!! ;) LOL
AND how clever / talented / inspiring / awesome is Louise? Look what she is up to here. I have always loved writing ever since I got my first Calligraphy set and "lettering" book when I was about 10 years old. I have become a computer font junkie too so I think this is going to be another fave haunt.
I think it is great to see Aussie chicks getting their names up in lights. Congrats girls!
I have some exciting news of my own to share... but I will tell you more when it is really "official" like. Don't want to jinx myself! LOL ;)
Thanks for hopping to my blog... love to you and yours.

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Was having a happy, scrappy day today..

I love the Spring weather we are getting at the moment... the kids played outside ALL day, got filthy dirty and had a ball... hence I am a happy scrapper who had HEAPS of time to play today!
But I kid you not... the second I wrote that first sentence they started fighting over a bloody green pencil of all things... never mind that it is half chewed on and broken, never mind that they have 1000s of pencils (and trust me that is NO exaggeration!)... oh NO!  It's all about who OWNS it!  Jeez, they drive me nuts sometimes... I suppose I should just be grateful for a mostly happy day and stop being a whingey cow.  They are good MOST of the time... but just like the little girl with the curl... when they are bad, they are wicked! ;)  Love them to death... but sometimes I fear I mean that a little too literally! ;)
I did a quickie (using up scraps from all over my scrap table) with my SM avatar for the Monthly Comp (I wanna...) @ Embellished
Thanks to the Amazingly Talented and Totally Gorgeous Witchy for the inspiration here.  My DD#1 and I saw Witchy's and her Li'l Witch's matchy matchy avatars over @ SM and DD#1 asked me, "Can we do that?"  So we did!  Such a clever little chickie... even if she is green pencil challenged! ;)
I finished my CD Doodles Scrapbooking Olympics Event #1 LO... the challenge was BLING... so here is my bling-ed out tree... I LOVE trees atm in case you couldn't tell... LOL ;)
Plus here is my Black Magic LO... if you REALLY use your imagination... it still sort of looks like the sketch... go on... squint your eyes, move six feet back from your screen and move your head back and forwards... SEE! Told you! LOL ;)  Oh well I like it anyway!
OK... feeling like a REAL mean mum now... look at what DD#1 just wrote me.
... and then the little one just came in and gave me a hug and said, "I'm not being mean".  (She was in trouble for "being mean"). LOL  
God love 'em.
Gotta go cuddle my kids. 
Thanks for stopping by.
LOTS of love to you and yours...

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Just a super fast update...

Well, you can call it a shameless plug if you like... a plea to get your vote even... I have broad shoulders, I can take it! ;)  
Thank you so much to everyone who has been voting and leaving such nice comments for me.  I do scrap for myself (and tell myself it doesn't matter what others think) but it is always a real boost to the scrapping ego to have support and positivity around.  MWAH!
Anyway, here is my Round #6 LO... my darling husband... he's such a spunk... and I DO love him so... which is LUCKY for him because jeez he can be a right royal PITA sometimes!!!! LOL ;)
We had to make at least three handmade embellishments using fabric, metal and plastic (or a combination of all three).  It also had to have a  photo, title and journalling... so I think I have covered all bases.  I had fun with this and really like the end result but I also discovered "handmade" is not exactly my forte! LOL ;)
Hope you like it enough to come vote for me... please, pretty please...seriously... I NEED YOUR VOTE! ;)  I think the voting poll should be in the Round SIX section... BUT there is another catch this week... you have to have 10 posts in the forum to be eligible to vote.  I would love it if you want to come have a chat and join in the fun... but I promise I won't hold it against you if you don't. ;)  I know it sounds a bit off putting but I agree with it... the idea is so that all the votes are legit... not from doubled up forum memberships (what the?) and to get people voting for their favourite LOs not just voting for their friends IYGWIM?  So all in all it is probably the fairest way to do it.  Besides I think having your peers vote for you is the best accolade a scrapper could ask for.
You can see all the entries here... but don't forget to scroll right down to the very bottom where you can click onto the next page... there is usually a couple of pages at least.
Thanks for stopping by... love to you and yours.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

THAT WAS r@ndom

Thanks to everyone who has been voting for me in IDOL... I made it through to Round #5 and here's my entry:
IDOL5... no people, title, journaling and a frame... DONE!
One of DS's sayings that always makes me laugh...
Random... something out of the blue... without careful choice, aim, plan etc.... made, done etc. in a haphazard way... yep, THAT LO WAS RANDOM alright.
Just went with the flow... wanted to do something, fun, bright and happy for a change... thought everyone might think I was all depressed, bent and twisted if I kept doing deep, dark and meaningful LOs like the last few! ;)  Gotta keep a happy balance to keep a healthy mind.. said the little voices in her head... ;) hehehehe
Hope you like this... I do... just stuff that makes me smile and feel all inspired like... I browse flickr  every now and then to find pictures that I like for no particular reason... just because they make me smile or laugh or shocked or scared or inspired... you know... just because...  
I am also a bit of a font junkie so I used the computer to print all the coloured words onto a piece of SR pp before adding photos, embellies and a evil little orange owl who has created a mess that far out weighs his importance... jeez, don't you just LOVE getting messy with texture paste ;).
You can see everyone's entries here... please make sure you scroll right to the bottom of each page so you can see them all... there are usually at least a few pages.  Alternatively, you can go here... just click on the first image to start a slideshow so you can see them bigger, up close and personal like. 
Now, please go vote for me tomorrow (as in Friday) night... please, pretty please with sugar on top! ;)  I know it's a bit of an ask but it really is just a couple of simple steps to register to vote (if you haven't already) and they are a rather lovely bunch of chickies.  So come play and join in some of the competitions and challenges they have going... there are prizes you know!!! ;)  
Thanks for stopping by... and thanks for all your lovely comments on my yellow I HOPE LO... I really do appreciate your thoughts and kind words. MWAH.
Hope you and yours are well...

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

1 Challenge DONE... 20 odd to go!

OK... WHITE WITH ONE...  it's my late BIL (my sister's DDH) and his youngest daughter (my niece)... standing in one of his famous crops ;)  
I HOPE it makes sense someday... because at the moment it makes NO SENSE AT ALL... in fact it F@#$ING SUCKS!  
I HAD to scrap a pic of him... the challenge was yellow and flowers...  in honour of the Cancer Council's Daffodil Day supporting cancer research... so yeah, HAD to be him.  Still sucks though.
Miss you much Feral Farmer...
P.S.  I forgot to mention... that scroll, left and above the big flower was from the lovely Virginia... mwah and thanks HEAPS chickie for all your wonderful generosity... and the yellow flowers were from Mel... mwah to you too chickie, you really are too nice to me! ;) 

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

{scrapping} TO DO list for August

... inspired by rasali ;)

OK... so I might have completely lost my marbles and be taking on waaaaaaay too much... but I have come to the conclusion that I actually like my scrapping better when it is done to a challenge AND a deadline... so I am going to sign up for as many as I can find... if I don't get them all done in time... too bad... if I do GREAT!

So here goes:
  1. ASJ - Clair Bremner... DONE
  2. ASM Gotye - Thanks for your time
  3. Black Magic - Challenge #1 (distressing)... DONE and #2 (I soooooo want that Marvy Giga punch!)
  4. Category Stories - Sunshine... DONE
  5. Embellished - IDOL Round #5... DONE
  6. Embellished - IDOL Round #6... DONE
  7. Embellished - IDOL Round #7... DONE
  8. Embellished - IDOL Round #8... DONE
  9. Embellished - August Sketch
  10. Embellished - August Comp - I wanna... - DONE
  11. Say It in Scrap - 2 fortnightly Challenges (yet to be posted)
  12. Scrapbook Capital - August Sketch (eeeeeeekkk... it is ROUND!)
  13. Scrap Chat - August Sketch
  14. Scrap Chat - August Card Sketch
  15. White with 1 - Yellow / Flowers... DONE
I am also planning on signing up for:
  1. SYTYCS @ Scraptacular... SIGNED UP... starts 3 September
  2. The Scrapbooking Olympics @ CD Doodles
- Event #1... DONE
- Event #2... DONE
- Event #3

You can find links to all these over there >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> in my side bar.

Wanna come play?

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Don't cha just love it when...

...a LO just comes together...  I really love how this turned out.   My DH works away... and sometimes I forget to tell him how much he means to me... so this one's for you my love... ok, ok... enough of the mushy shit... we don't DO mushy shit! ;)  (and YES, I know it should be you're NOT your in my handwritten journalling... but I am in my "embracing imperfection" phase atm... yeah, right, you know I'll try and fix it and stuff it up worse for sure!)

I stayed up until some un-Godly hour last night blog surfing and found inspiration EVERYWHERE... lissyk's sewing pattern, brantics style, Amanda Hall has me hooked on DYMO, a bit of Zina Wright and Emily Falconbridge... the list is endless... I love blog hopping! Oh and I lied... I sewed again!  Hey, the machine was already out... thought I'd try again before I put it away... and "look Mum, NO BLOOD!" ;)  Thanks for looking.

Hope you and yours are well...

Thursday, 31 July 2008

OUCH... I so cannot sew!

Phew! Thank goodness that is over... I am so not EVER sewing anything ever again! My mother obviously did not pass on her sewing ability to me! ;)

I did have fun despite the bloody (literally... I mean there is BLOOD on the back of my LO!) fingers and frustration and even though this LO looks NOTHING like I had planned in my head... I think I still kinda like it. I have stitched EVERYTHING on (even the crown, the rubon and the eyelet!).  BIG thanks to the lovely Nic for the love elsie pp... mwah!

The journalling reads:
My son Bradley had this tiny black cat. We called him Binx, after a character on a children’s TV show [a little boy who was cursed by a witch and turned into a black cat]. Binx was a real character. He taught Brad responsibility and respect and when he died he taught him the hardest lessons of all… loss and grief… but this in turn taught Brad resilience… which is one of the most valuable lessons a child can learn; how to cope with adversity. This is why I used his name as my username. Little black Binx cat will never be forgotten and nor will the lesson he taught. Miss you much Binx…

TFL... now for the subliminal messaging.... !@#%$& &^ ^%$# 4 (* {which loosely translated means "PLEASE GO VOTE FOR ME")... you might have to have a bit of a look around to find the voting thread but it should be there somewhere in the IDOL section of the forum Friday afternoon-ish.  

You can see everyone's Round #4 LOs here.  Just click on the first image to see it bigger then it will go to a slide show so you can see them all close up.  Jeez, we are a rather clever bunch don't you think... even if I do say so myself! ;)  

If you go look at the blog there is a sketch up if you want to join in the fun and maybe win a prize... and you can be a WILDCARD if you want to jump into the IDOL ring!  Go for it!  You gotta be in it to win it!

Anyway, thanks for popping by... hope you and yours are well.

Friday, 25 July 2008

curiosity {may have} killed the CAT...

... BUT SATISFACTION brought it back!

I had a mad dash to the shops to find a mirror yesterday morning... 3 shops and 2 hours later I finally found this at Red Dot (and only $10)... so here is my
IDOL Round #3 Entry.  You can see everyone else's here.  Just click on an image to see it bigger and it will take you to a slideshow.  Don't look too close though because they are all seriously FABULOUS and I want you to vote for ME, ME, ME... BINXCAT1...  not them! ME!!!! ;) 

Being the youngest of five (with a 6 year gap to my nearest sister) meant I was always asking lots of questions that were (a) undoubtably none of my business and (b) probably a bit too "adult" in subject matter... so I was always teased about my inquisitive nature and called nosey parker and sticky beak... oh and my personal favourite... my oldest brother always called my "honey nose". I can't wait to show him how I "owned" that nickname !!! LOL 

I am not normally a fan of OTP... actually I DETEST them with a vengeance... so thanks heaps for the kick in the pants with this challenge. In the end I actually had heaps of fun with this one and am pretty happy with how it turned out... but it was VERY hard to get a decent photo so excuse my ugly mug in the pic.

I chose these products / colours because they suit the decor in my house, especially my bedroom, as that's where I was going to hang it...


... but DD#1 said, "It should go in the living area so we can all look at it." 
Awwww, ain't she just so sweet (when she wants to be)?  LOL ;)

I love the little cat buttons... they were the wrong colours so I just inked them black... did I mention "StazON" really DOES stay on? You should see my hands, jeans, t-shirt, kitchen bench, desk, sink... OMG... IT IS EVERYWHERE!!

Now, I would absolutely love you to come vote for me BUT there is a catch... you have to register with the new Embellished Idol 2008 Voting Forum to be able to vote from now on in.  If you want please come and join... it really is a cool forum and they are a wonderful, friendly and talented bunch (even if I say so myself! LOL)... but I know it is kinda stretching the friendship a bit so I won't hold it against you if you don't. ;)

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

can't sleep...

... so I might as well blog!
Thank you everyone who voted for me last week... I GOT THROUGH TO ROUND #3 OF IDOL! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
This week we have to create our entry using something other than 12x12 paper as our base... in other words an OTP or "off the page" project which incorporates a life motto. I know EXACTLY what I am going to do... hope it turns out as wonderful as the picture in my head!
I have a couple of LOs to share... more that I did for Melissa (who is now one of the Creative Artists at the Black Magic Challenge Blog).
This first one I will probably get killed for putting up but too bad... it is my DH and his younger brother using just a few strips of BG Boxer. I love this paper... but then again I LOVE everything BG does!
These are the Scenic Route Salem papers... these papers TOTALLY ROCK. Don't make the mistake of dismissing them because they are Halloween themed... I promise you can do heaps more with them. This is my DS (now 16) in year 1 with his two best friends.
This LO is the story of a little black cat called Binxcat... and as it turns out very heavily inspired by Kim Ogden. I hate the paint btw... got too carried away when I tried to get a spatter effect... should have left well enough alone... but oh well.
This is one of my favourite photos ever...
Thanks for looking... please check back Friday for my latest IDOL attempt.

Friday, 18 July 2008


They pulled a bit of a swifty on me last week and it was a NON-elimination round (I think they are having internet issues) but it was all good and  I did pretty well with the voting (4th highest I think)... so THANK YOU so much for voting for me.

Here is my IDOL Round 2 LO.  We had to create our own "arty" background using paint and a mask.  I really like how this turned out.  It is Miss C, DD#1 at her 6th birthday party.  That kid is 6 going on 16 that's for sure!


Please, pretty please go vote for me! 

You have to vote by email this time though... see below.

Hi girls,


There are some fantastic entries in this round!!! You have all out-done yourselves!!

As most of you know we have had some big internet issues, which has stopped us (meaning the I.T. department) from creating the polling feature....I have searched for countless hours for an alternative, that offers all the features that is required and zip....nothing!!!

So this is how we will be doing it this week.....

Send us an email to and in the subject line put your 5 votes....using the names from the gallery( blog gallery or main site gallery is fine!). Entrants you are able to vote for yourself!!!

I will only be accepting votes until 5pm AEST Sunday!!!

ANd yes there will be eliminations this week!!!


You can see all the entries here.  There are HEAPS of REALLY cool LOs this round.  I am going to have my work cut out getting through to Round 3 I reckon.

Thanks for dropping in.  Hope you and yours are well.

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Just for a change...

I actually have some LOs to share!  These are some I did for Scrap World with the sei jolie chocolat papers.

This one was Ali E inspired:

This one my DS ACTUALLY spilled coffee on... I made the best of it! 

These papers are some of THE loveliest I have ever had a play with... this was literally one piece plus a rubon, a splash of paint and a few embellies... it practically scraps itself!  If you can,  GET SOME!
A bit of Messy-Happy-Fun influence here...

Melis Corbett inspiration here...

Hope you enjoy looking as much as I enjoyed creating!