Saturday, 8 December 2007


So ok... where does the time go? Does anyone else have this problem? My head is spinning! So school is out for Callie... but Brad still has four days (much to our combined disgust... I HATE getting up at 6am... which of course is REALLY 5am!!! NO, I am NOT over the whole DLS thing yet!). My BIL's treatment is going really well so far and the doctors are being quietly confident... but still a long way to go yet. Keep everything crossed for us please, or think of us in your prayers if you are that way inclined. Having 5 kids here for the past couple of weeks has certainly given me a new appreciation of my own mother who had 5 (me being the youngest)... and made me realise I DEFINITELY DO NOT WANT ANY MORE OF MY OWN!!! LOL They were all really well behaved... but jeez, FULL ON that's for sure!!!! If I think I didn't get a minute to myself before I had NO IDEA what no me time actually meant!!!! LOL So anyway, they got to go home this week for a few days then next week they are back and will most probably be here pretty much full time for the next 2 months. I will have the kids while they trip back and forth from the hospital. Thankfully my own darling husband will be home over the Christmas / New Year period so hopefully we can find some interesting things for them to do and keep ourselves sane. Please feel free to make suggestions!!! LOL I haven't done much scrapping (as I am sure you can imagine!) but we are having a CC over at SW tonight... hope you will pop in for some fun. Did I mention Mel has THE best prizes? hehehehe I promise to share some LOs and photos soon... my scrap room is almost finished... just have to put all the junk away and take some pics.


Michelle Jamieson said...

Good to hear your BIL is doing well. You do have your hands full with all the kids!! LOL

It's only going to get worse with school holidays! :)

Chelle Xx

Julie said...

Hiya AM - am so glad to read that your BIL's treatment is going well. Will be sending heaps of positive thoughts through that it continues to do so.
As for keeping the kiddo's busy - there are three things that usually top our list.
- trip to the video store, let them pick out a movie each and will keep them busy for a while.
- try giving them your scrapping scraps to make up some pretty cards. LOL make a really LONG list of rellies and friends that really 'need' a chrissy card lol.
- and our other fav is a trip to the park. I take a blanket and book for myself to read while the kiddo's run themselves ragged.

Anyhoo - hope you manage to snag some 'me' time to kick back and relax ... even for just ten minutes :)

Julie H xx