Monday, 31 December 2007

... and so another year ends

Well 2007 might not have been THE year I had hoped it would be... but then it wasn't too bad either... we finally got into our new house and have settled in fairly well. There is still some stuff to finish off but it's getting there... slowly but getting there... definitely some NY's resolutions there!

I DID get my scraproom though so finally here are some photos to share... ain't my DH just a darlin'? It's all in the way you hold your tongue you know ;) hehehehe You can bet I owe him BIG time for doing this! hahahaha I have IKEA'd my house to within an inch of it's life now.

I got these paper racks a little while ago and I LOVE THEM... bit pricey but very cool!
As you can see I have far too much paper... but I have resigned myself to the fact that I enjoy collecting it as much as I enjoy scrapping with it... and that's OK! LOL

Jeez, we drink ALOT of coffee!

The only thing left to do is get the wire put up across the top of these shelves above my desk (although I suspect I might be pushing my luck with DH! LOL). It's another IKEA thingy (meant to be used for a curtain track) and has little clips... I am going to use it as a "clip-it up" to have all those bits and pieces sitting on the cupboards (in front of the coffee jars) hanging where I can see them... and actually USE them!

So while 2007 might not have lived up to all my expectations it has still been pretty good. Scrap wise I won a couple of cool comps and won a position on the Scrap World DT. I also had 3 LOs accepted for publication in SM... ummm I think the first 2 will be in Vol 9 No. 10. So I am pretty chuffed about all that. I have made heaps of online friends and enjoyed rubbing cyber (and real) shoulders with some of the most amazingly talented (and genereous) ladies you could ever hope to meet and call friends.

Life wise the kids have grown, I have too (LOL... another resolution there too! LOL)... DH started a new management position in his job and things in our life are good. I am certainly not complaining and I know our lives are blessed...BUT

... 2008 is going to be MY year... I am determined to get my act together and get back to being the organised person that I know can be and enjoy being. I am going to join the gym, lose weight and get fit, I am going spend more time playing with my kids... instead of yelling at them! These are my New Year's Resolutions and I am determined to achieve them. You just wait and see! LOL

Tonight we are going to see in the New Year with family and friends and just enjoy being together.

We have much to be thankful for... we are safe, we are happy, we are healthy (well, that could do with some improvement as previously mentioned but you know what I mean! LOL), we are together.

I wish you and yours these simple blessings.

Here's to 2008... may it be YOUR year too.

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

It's a proud, proud day...

You know what? I am proud of my boy... and it would seem I don't say that often enough... today he came home with his Certificate I General Education for Adults... and better still... he was proud of himself... that doesn't happen often. My son is almost 16 and he is autistic. School for him has been a constant battle and the cause of much anguish and dissappointment... and heart ache... and that's just me! LOL The previous two years in particular (high school) were really hard. However, this past year, he has been involved in a programme for kids who are "at risk" (educationally) and who have struggled in mainstream schooling. The teacher running the programme is ex-Army (SAS I think?) and he is still involved with training cadets. He has also taken this group on several cadet camps this year. To me he is a hero... he has made a huge difference in my DS's life... he will be one of those teachers that we will never forget. Thanks for everything Mr W. The focus of the programme has been on improving self esteem, taking responsiblilty and learning to find your place in society. The kids still attend school on the school grounds and share classes such as metal work and PE with the mainstream kids but the English Literacy and Maths academic side of things has been done through the local TAFE. The Certificate is the equivilant of Year 10... nothing super in that... but for him IT IS HUGE! It occurred to me today that I have never really bragged about his achievements as they have been modest compared with most others... especially all his cousins... but really, when I think about it, he has had to work twice (or even more) as hard as most to accomplish what he has and I am so proud of him. I guess we have never wanted him labelled as "learning impaired" or "disabled"... but the fact remains... he finds some of life's challenges overwhelming... organisation is a particular battle so for him to have gotten all his work handed in on time and to have achieved this is a big deal... and I am going to tell anyone who will listen! Good on you mate... big loves and hugs... yeah, I know I am embarrassing... but I love you mate! We organised a gift to give his teacher on behalf of the whole class and he even stood up in front of everyone and presented it and even said a few words in thanks... that's another pretty big deal for him... so yeah, having a good day today... just wanted to share.

Saturday, 8 December 2007


So ok... where does the time go? Does anyone else have this problem? My head is spinning! So school is out for Callie... but Brad still has four days (much to our combined disgust... I HATE getting up at 6am... which of course is REALLY 5am!!! NO, I am NOT over the whole DLS thing yet!). My BIL's treatment is going really well so far and the doctors are being quietly confident... but still a long way to go yet. Keep everything crossed for us please, or think of us in your prayers if you are that way inclined. Having 5 kids here for the past couple of weeks has certainly given me a new appreciation of my own mother who had 5 (me being the youngest)... and made me realise I DEFINITELY DO NOT WANT ANY MORE OF MY OWN!!! LOL They were all really well behaved... but jeez, FULL ON that's for sure!!!! If I think I didn't get a minute to myself before I had NO IDEA what no me time actually meant!!!! LOL So anyway, they got to go home this week for a few days then next week they are back and will most probably be here pretty much full time for the next 2 months. I will have the kids while they trip back and forth from the hospital. Thankfully my own darling husband will be home over the Christmas / New Year period so hopefully we can find some interesting things for them to do and keep ourselves sane. Please feel free to make suggestions!!! LOL I haven't done much scrapping (as I am sure you can imagine!) but we are having a CC over at SW tonight... hope you will pop in for some fun. Did I mention Mel has THE best prizes? hehehehe I promise to share some LOs and photos soon... my scrap room is almost finished... just have to put all the junk away and take some pics.