Tuesday, 20 November 2007


A few weeks ago I signed up for Melis' (poppysmum's) CJ... I chose "Life is Good" as my theme... mmm... so ok, I need to actually focus on that big time atm. Here is my cover:

and this is my page: I have also made my confessions to Donna (Kebab):

For some unknown reason I cannot seem to take a decent photo of my work lately. It's driving me batty! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

I am also just about to post off my stash of goodies for my Advent Swap. My parcel arrived on my door step bright and early this morning... THANK YOU KAYLA!!!! Oh, are we allowed to tell??? LOL too late now! It is VERY heavy! I have so far refained from opening anything... but given the name of my blog you can imagine how hard it has been not to take a sneak peak! I have shaken every little package though... hehehe... I LOVE CHRISTMAS!

This year we are staying home for Christmas. I can't wait to start putting the tree up... though I had better get my a into g and do some Christmas shopping before the end of next week... school holidays will be here before we know what hit us at this rate.

I have been working on some Christmas LOs for the SW DT Blog... plus we are having a Cyber Crop on the 8th December. Hope you will come for a play.

I also want to say a huge Thanks everyone for your best wishes... it means alot.

Oh I almost forgot (again! LOL)... Melis tagged me... which made me smile right back at ya baby! Did you notice the little icon thingy was our old school colours! LOL

So I tag:

Sammi because she really is a skinnybummedfairy did you know?

MelissaH because I am still smiling... did you know I am actually on a DT???!!!

Ruby just because she rox!

Amy because anyone who has been to Kalgoorlie and is still smiling makes me smile too!

Lali because she is an IDOL now!

LissyK because she just makes me smile for no reason at all... which is the best reason of all.


Michelle Jamieson said...

Beautiful work, AM!! Love your style!

Chelle Xx

Lali said...

WOW what a great CJ Binx have fun with it can't wait to see the SW Blog to see some more gorgeous LOs by you oh and thanks for the tag. MWAH

Nicole said...

Love the CJ's. don't worry about the photography, cause your pages still look hot regardless


Mel Connell said...

You are to cute and soooo swee, thanks Binxy, and right back at ya babe!

tracey said...

wow i love your cj - tis beautiful AM - and just read two posts down - things like that do suck - we just had someone in the fam also diagnosed with this same nasty-- did i say love your dj-- i am sure the girls will love adding to it also..

tracey said...

what the -- {dj} whoops its a cj - yep loving the layout!

rih2002 said...

AM your work is absolutely Awesome! have just sat enthralled looking at it hun, way to go! So very sorry to hear about your BIL, wishing all the best results! Loving the blog, will have to make sure I come back more often!

Julie said...

Hiya chicky - how you going??Hope things are going well there and there's some good news from you soon.
Loving your CJ work - looks totally awesome so far!!

chat soon
Julie xx

Hetty said...

So sorry to hear about your BIL AM, sending you and your family lots of best wishes and cyber (((((HUGS))))).
Your work is stunning as usual, so much detail goes into it, it must take you ages to do. Have a great weekend!