Tuesday, 20 November 2007


A few weeks ago I signed up for Melis' (poppysmum's) CJ... I chose "Life is Good" as my theme... mmm... so ok, I need to actually focus on that big time atm. Here is my cover:

and this is my page: I have also made my confessions to Donna (Kebab):

For some unknown reason I cannot seem to take a decent photo of my work lately. It's driving me batty! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

I am also just about to post off my stash of goodies for my Advent Swap. My parcel arrived on my door step bright and early this morning... THANK YOU KAYLA!!!! Oh, are we allowed to tell??? LOL too late now! It is VERY heavy! I have so far refained from opening anything... but given the name of my blog you can imagine how hard it has been not to take a sneak peak! I have shaken every little package though... hehehe... I LOVE CHRISTMAS!

This year we are staying home for Christmas. I can't wait to start putting the tree up... though I had better get my a into g and do some Christmas shopping before the end of next week... school holidays will be here before we know what hit us at this rate.

I have been working on some Christmas LOs for the SW DT Blog... plus we are having a Cyber Crop on the 8th December. Hope you will come for a play.

I also want to say a huge Thanks everyone for your best wishes... it means alot.

Oh I almost forgot (again! LOL)... Melis tagged me... which made me smile right back at ya baby! Did you notice the little icon thingy was our old school colours! LOL

So I tag:

Sammi because she really is a skinnybummedfairy did you know?

MelissaH because I am still smiling... did you know I am actually on a DT???!!!

Ruby just because she rox!

Amy because anyone who has been to Kalgoorlie and is still smiling makes me smile too!

Lali because she is an IDOL now!

LissyK because she just makes me smile for no reason at all... which is the best reason of all.

Monday, 19 November 2007

Shit, shit, shit... this SUX!

So it turns out the lymphoma has returned. We don't do the crying and hugging thing in our family so we joke instead... but I could see my sister was scared. I am too. It sure makes you re-evaluate. When my DH had his accident (almost 6 years ago now he came off his motor bike, dislocated his right elbow, severed the bracchial (sp?) artery and almost bled to death. He suffered nerve damage that took over 18 months to repair itself... oh and just to make it all that much more exciting I was 33 weeks pregnant with DD#1!) I can remember going through all the "what if?" scenarios. I heard once that you use up courage. I hope that's not true. I hope you build up courage and make yourself stronger and more able to deal with life's trials and tribulations. My way of thinking is if I just give these thoughts a moment's attention I will be better prepared to cope. I'd rather deal with "worst case scenarios" and be pleasantly suprised than go merrily unaware and be dealt a terrible, devastating blow. I figure I will worry for them... then they can focus on the positive... then we have all bases covered. Fuzzy logic? Or perhaps the ramblings of a delusional mind? Probably... but hey, it works for me.

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Make your boys check their bits...

After just hearing about Maz's guy, Ryan, going through this a few short weeks ago it blew me out when my sister rang early this week and told me my BIL had "found a lump". I had no idea what she was saying and had to ask her to repeat it three times before it dawned on me what she meant. He was diagnosed with lymphoma 2 years ago and with surgery and several rounds of chemo beat it. Now he has found a lump in his "boys bits" and had surgery yesterday. My sister and him and their two daughters (11 & 6) are staying with me while they await the results and find out what happens next. I have been looking after their kids while he had all the tests and then the operation. No matter how much you try to stay focused on the positive sometimes you just feeling like chucking a tanty and screaming "that's not fair". Fingers crossed no news is good news at this stage.

Thursday, 8 November 2007

Life is hectic... but that's nothing new!

Things have been a bit skewif at my house... daylight savings is to blame I say! but we are slowly getting there in the routine department. We had Aaron's brother and his family over for dinner the other night and we watched Transformers... VERY COOL movie and I now more than ever MUST HAVE a Camaro! I have always wanted one since I was little and my brothers both owned one of these tough cars each... oh well, I can dream at least! ;) LOL

Natalie had a crop night at Scraptivate especially for us SM Forum girls (mwah and THANKS Natalie)... yes, I know, talked more than scrapped but I did have fun and I think her royal scrappiness has SOLD me on the fact that I NEED a Cuttlebug! LOL

I have a few swaps to get organised and sent out this week and next... CJs, a Christmas Advent Swap, a tag swap and an Altered Charm Swap... better get moving on those.

I do have a few LOs to share but I will be back later... gotta get the kid to school first!

OK... I am back... these are the DT LOs I did for Scrap World. I think my brother will probably kill me if he sees the one of him... so ssssssssssssshhhhh don't tell him ok! ;) (click on it and make it bigger so you can read the journalling).

My other news is that I got some Craft Storage Cabinets... they are awesome! Cost a bit but I LOVE THEM! and they match in really well with all the IKEAing that is going on in my office... well let's be honest... it is MY SCRAPBOOKING ROOM! mwahhahahahhaha I am yet to finish putting all the cupboards together so I will share a pic when I am all done (read: when DH has been a kind and loving darling and indulged his wife in her obsession and put the overhead cupboards on the wall!!!! the free standing ones are easy but I think I will enlist his expertise for the top ones).