Monday, 29 October 2007

DLS... and at last some LOs to share

DLS is not exactly my cup of tea but I am determined to try and make the best of it... putting the kids to bed was no big drama... but getting them up in the morning was! We definitely have our body clocks set to the sun in this household... we will try to do better tomorrow! Now, at the risk of jinxing myself again, we all seem to be on the mend and things are getting better. So fingers crossed that's it for the sickies at our house!

The Cyber Crop at Scrap World was great and saw some fantastic entries... there is still the Pink Ribbon Challenge on the go and voting for The People's Choice Award is open until Wednesday midnight. Here is a LO I did for the the Sketch Challenge.

Thanks Dee for the great 6x12 sketch; the standard of entries from all the members was BRILLIANT for this one.

This is another LO I did for Scrap World's Product Inspiration last month. I love Hambly Screen Prints' Overlays and they really do work well with the Rouge de Garance papers. Celine is the Queen though!

I have been playing with the BG Periphery range this month so can't wait to share those. Melissa has put me up on the DT page at Scrap World too which is pretty cool... scary photo... but cool!!! LOL There is also a new comp running which will be heaps of fun... hope you will join in. I have some Christmas stuff to play with too so I have certainly got some scrapping to get done.
Not much else to report... happy scrapping to you... and may you and yours be happy and safe.

Friday, 26 October 2007

The sky is falling, the sky is falling...

Dear Lord in the heavens above what is going on! It's gotten worse... now the girls have gastro and they both spewed in their beds this morning... and one of them was in MY bed!!!! So now my car AND my bed smell of vomit... DEEEEEE-LIGHTFUL!!!! Oh and its raining, so it's going to be fun trying to get the sheets washed and dried... jeez I AM a whinge!!!! But I just wish everything would settle down and get back to normal... I think I jinxed myself because I was just saying the other day how we were all enjoying the lovely weather and getting over the dreaded winter lurgies... now this! I AM SO SO SO SO OVER IT!!!! Grrrrrr...

Did you ever have one of "those" days?

I did.... TWICE! Yesterday I woke up to the most revolting mucky, glued-together, "oooooooo yuk, get the hell away from me you contagious creature" red eye! Yep, I have conjunctivitis... how repulsive... so I couldn't get a doctor's appointment out here in the nether regions (I swear I live in the sickliest neighbourhood... the doctor's surgery is always booked out for weeks... I think I might just start pre booking monthly appoinments!!!!)... so today I went further a field and managed to get to see the doctor so I could tell HIM what was wrong with me and pay him $60!!!! I know I should be grateful that I have eyes TO get conjunctivitis in... but seriously I am ready to pull them from their sockets and burn them!!!! OK, sorry for the revolting graphics but I am in a bad way... and yeah, I'm gonna whinge about it! I feel like we have been sick for MONTHS and I am OVER IT! Everytime I think, "finally, we are getting better"... BAM something else hits us... it's not like we are normally this bad... just this last few months have been awful. Then to top it off, while driving home, little Miss D vomits all over the car (that DH had kindly shampooed and Amour All'd)... then she waited until 1 minute before we go to pick up Miss C from school and disgraced herself from the other end (I know she is only little but she has been the easiest of all my kids to toilet train and has been brilliant over the last few weeks so sort of wasn't expecting it)... poor baby... but of course then I was late to pick her sister up!!! So yeah, the day wasn't that great... BUT then I headed over to SM and remembered Maz and her partner and how lucky I am that Miss D was only car sick... thinking of you both chickie. On another count-your-blessings type note; I got an email today about wearing red on Fridays as a sign of support to our troops serving overseas... and those that don't come home. Did anyone else get it? Are you going to wear red tomorrow (well today?)... I am. Sorry I still don't have any cool pics to share... but I will soon I promise... I bought a new desk for my scrap room, from IKEA of course!! It has taken me the rest of the evening to get everything out of here, put the blessed thing together... (man, if you have the $$$$$ pay the man the money and get him to put it togther... I can hardly walk and my hands hurt!!!)... and then finally get everything back in here!!!! LOL Anyway, at least I am starting to get this chaos into some semblance of order. I also bought heaps of cute little jars for buttons and stuff... looks like a lolly shop with all the pretties on display! hehehehe The rest of the house looks like a cyclone has been through it... but that's pretty normal! Here's to a better tomorrow...

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

I did it! She dared me and I did it!!!!

LOL... poppysmum / Melis I mean... it was her (not the cat's mother!) that dared me, on more than one occassion to get my a into g and start a blog... so blame / credit her as you see fit after reading my drivel... or should that be dribble... (I guess it depends on the consistency!!! hehehe). If I had known it was this quick and easy to set up a blog I would have done it AGES ago!!! You all know how I love to talk!!! So... what do I write about here? I guess I will bang on about what's happening in my life, what I am scrapping and how my children are driving me nuts (I really do love them to bits but sometimes I think they really will drive me to drink!). I know I am an opinionated cow and I don't mind a bit of heated discussion (no name calling though... I think that just shows a lack of imagination... unless it's really witty of course hehehehe) so perhaps I can be the facilitator of healthy and constructive debate (yeah right! read: this will most likely be a place to vent!!!! lmao). I recognise the fact that if I choose to blog then I invite criticism... I have broad shoulders... I can handle it... but I can live in hope (even if it is delusional) that it might be a constructive and positive place that I create. A bit about me... ummmmmmm... I think you know most of it already probably... I am 36 in January 2008, a typical stubborn Capricorn... I'm married to my childhood sweetheart (who also happened to be the boy next door). I have three little darlings, 15, 5 and 2... and YES, they do all have the same Dad! (I get asked that ALOT!). Scrapping wise, I still think I have a heap to learn but I must be doing something sorta right because you cool chickies voted me the winner of a recent competition which I am still TOTALLY stoked about (not being up myself I promise!) because it meant I got a place on the Design Team at Scrap World. OK, here's the blatant plug... we are having a Cyber Crop this weekend... starting Friday 26th!!!!!!!!! I am time challenged (and detest DLS) so I think it starts at 7:30pm EDST... but go check it out... Melissa has THE best prizes and giveaways I promise! Oh, and even better, there is a 20% off sale and 10% of all sales will be donated to the Cancer Council's Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon Relief. OK... so there it is, my first blog entry... hope you enjoy... please pop in every now and then... and please, pretty please leave me a comment so I know I am not just talking to myself here!!! Oh, and if bribery will work... I will RAK the first person to leave me a comment... hahahahahahaha